We are the church

The church is not a building we go to or an experience we attend. The church is people, a living, growing organism, a family.

At Scio, we strive to be a community of grace, an outpost of the kingdom of God, a witness to a different way to be human. In the context of this community centered around Jesus Christ, discipleship and mission can develop as we learn together to die to ourselves.

We gather to worship God, to share stories of how we have seen him working, and to exhort and encourage each other.

We scatter, empowered by the Holy Spirit, into our everyday spheres of life — work, school, leisure — as ambassadors of reconciliation and agents of the kingdom of Jesus, looking for the ways in which God is already at work, and joining him in blessing those around us.

No spectators

All of us have received gifts and talents we seek to exercise to build each other up and bless those around us. All of us submit to one another as we submit to the Lord Jesus Christ, who is the head of the church. None of us is more important than any other.

Some serve as elders: Phil Carlson, Tom Gibson, Ben Muto, and Scott Verna. Contact the elders

Some serve as deacons: Tom Powers, Dave Smit, Lisa Smit, Sean Vogt, Jackie Wentz. Contact the deacons

Meet the pastor

Tedd Lewellen joined us as our pastor in October 2017.

Tedd and his wife, Nancy, served for 15 years in Ivory Coast, West Africa, in the capacity of church planting, leadership development, and outreach among one of the largest religious groups in the world. Most recently, Tedd has served in a South Asian country as a Country Coordinator, Team Leader, Businessman, and Teacher. As a part of their ministry, they started a business to teach English as a second language and had wonderful opportunities to influence people for Christ. They have also ministered in three churches here in the U.S. in Virginia and Rochester, NY. Born and raised in India by missionary parents, Tedd’s heart has always been outward focused, whether overseas or into their own neighborhoods. They have three grown and married children — Rebecca, Merriel and Zac.