Faith and Storms

February 11, 2007
Those who live in the Kingdom of God will face storms, but they will do so with the presence of Jesus, who is the source of courage.

Through the Roof

October 29, 2006
The real authority of Jesus is demonstrated in his power over sin and all its effects.

Prepare the Way of the Lord

September 24, 2006
We are called to prepare ourselves and those around us to receive something even better than forgiveness — the Holy Spirit.

The Easy Life

August 20, 2006
Following Jesus is easy when our inner being is transformed to be like his, but impossible otherwise.

Code Red

August 13, 2006
Joe Sazyc, director of the Intercessory Mission of Pastors' Alliance for County Transformation (IMPACT), speaks about the importance of prayer in light of Jesus' immanent return.