No one who hopes in you will ever be put to shame. Psalm 25:3

There’s a great old hymn called “Victory in Jesus,” and the first verse goes:

            I heard an old, old story, How a Savior came from glory
            How He gave His life on Calvary, To save a wretch like me
            I heard about His groaning, Of His precious blood’s atoning
            Then I repented of my sins, And won the victory

            O victory in Jesus, My Savior, forever
            He sought me and bought me, With His redeeming blood
            He loved me ere I knew Him, And all my love is due Him
            He plunged me to victory, Beneath the cleansing flood

What a great truth to keep at the forefront of our minds and hearts as we move into a new year – a year that we all are hoping is filled with potential.  We know, however, that there will also be a lot of uncertainty. A review of 2020 reminds us of the changes a year can bring – some good, but so many were very painful and frustrating and filled with fear. What will happen in 2021?

In all of the uncertainty, we need to go back to the question: “What is the source of our hope?” The Apostle Paul says it’s Christ in you, the hope of glory (Colossians 1:26).  And through Scripture we have seen God, through Jesus, meeting our deepest needs. 

Now on this New Year’s Eve we look once again to Jesus – the Savior who has come and who now reigns in heaven until the day he will come again.  As we move into 2021, let us always be mindful that, The life I now live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, Galatians 2:20.

Words can only begin to describe the power and glory of the risen Savior. He is the Lord of life. John describes Jesus as standing in long flowing robes. Long robes were worn by royalty, or at times of celebration. They were a sign of victory, security, and work completed. A person fleeing danger or a worker could not be slowed down with a long robe. But Christ stands in flowing robes. There is no threat to His kingdom; His redemptive work is fully accomplished. We, as children of this victorious King, have eternal security. As we enter the New Year, let us all declare, “My only comfort in life and in death is that I belong to my faithful Savior, Jesus Christ!”  And with that, let us live in victory in Jesus!