Nearing the End

June 13, 2021
As we see the end drawing near, what are we instructed to do?

Abounding in Hope

October 18, 2020
There are seven things we need to know if we are to "abound in Hope!"
We can learn much from the method and message Paul used in proclaiming the Gospel in his first missionary voyage.

God’s Providential Grace

October 22, 2017
The Lord takes all that he allows to happen to his children, even the worst things, and turns those things so that they fulfill his purpose.
Ethan the Ezrahite questions God’s lovingkindness because of the fall of Judah, but God remains faithful to his promise to send a Messiah King from the line of David.

Right on the Money

August 20, 2017
While you are waiting for the return of Christ, work—and do it with faithfulness, energy, and love for your King.